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JORAN MLENGKUNG 2097 51 minutë më parë
IlliniDog01 2 orë më parë
Hilary certainly has learned the skills and execution to fish with anyone. If she truly wants to go pro, boat skills and identifying patterns/finding fish will be her next hurdles. They are the big ones though. Best of luck to you and her.
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 2 orë më parë
Awesome tournament. Always fun watching you fish. " THAT'S A BIGGIN"
FishHooked 5 orë më parë
Awesome vid 🔥🔥
Rogbass 6 orë më parë
Well was having a conversation with some billfish salty friends. Found out something cool about you Scott. 76 sails in one day. Wow. Now I’m even more impressed with your skills. I’ve had 45 in a day. And still remember it perfectly. 76 is world epic type stuff. Good luck at the open.
Marsh Mud
Marsh Mud 7 orë më parë
Hilary joins the gang! 😂🤣
Fishing DohaR
Fishing DohaR 15 orë më parë
awesome video keep fighting bro nice fish 👍💯👏👏👏💖💖💖💖
Tou Xiong
Tou Xiong 16 orë më parë
“I might look 53 compare to you because you look 12.” 😂😂😂
Kiss Me
Kiss Me 16 orë më parë
hahahahhahah. what a bullshit! LOL. but anyhow good! : )
Bob Davis
Bob Davis 16 orë më parë
Nice competition and sportsmanship. Enjoyed the video immensely 😊
Willis Olive
Willis Olive 17 orë më parë
Best fishermen ever
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz 17 orë më parë
Please keep us updated and do a video on the Upshaw court case!
Shaun Benedum
Shaun Benedum 18 orë më parë
I cant believe he doesn't know what kind of snake that was. That was a rattlesnake. Duh
Troy Allison
Troy Allison 18 orë më parë
Those thin chops are called breakfast chops
doubled3510 20 orë më parë
Much respect for taking the little man out! Awesome job Colby!
JESSE MILLER 20 orë më parë
No he just has long arms
Shock Wave Fishing
Shock Wave Fishing 21 orë më parë
wow! idol power💪🏼nice!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 21 orë më parë
Yay ! B dog,s back.
Well, Dang!
Well, Dang! 22 orë më parë
River Rocks is awesome! Caught a lot of fish just kayaking right off their boat ramp. Good luck!
Brian davis
Brian davis 23 orë më parë
Andrew can’t dunk
Rance Brown
Rance Brown 23 orë më parë
Gadsden Alabama on Neely Henry
Rance Brown
Rance Brown 23 orë më parë
Scott you are coming to my hometown
Andy Constantine
Andy Constantine 23 orë më parë
Jump on the line not over it he dont weigh but 145 toos not that I weigh anymore than 125
Andy Constantine
Andy Constantine 23 orë më parë
Put me in with the dirty laundry
Michael Yates
Michael Yates Ditë më parë
Hope you win the bass master classic I’ll be down there watching weigh in but it would be awesome to go fishing with you. I live in gasdsen
wildlife explorers
wildlife explorers Ditë më parë
Great to see Brandon is back
Donovan Johnson
Donovan Johnson Ditë më parë
Dude... Literally a dream to have that many plastics and lures OMG.
Dylon Zimmerman
Dylon Zimmerman Ditë më parë
the smile says it all
Jeff Fournier
Jeff Fournier Ditë më parë
Don't get no better than that guy's fun for all.
Rogbass Ditë më parë
Scott I’ve been watching Hillary’s videos. Hahahah. Awesome. The girl has the gift. Thank you 🙏. Thank you for letting us all into your world. I’m enjoying the heck out of the Martin family.
Jeff Fournier
Jeff Fournier Ditë më parë
SON catching that 4lb smallmouth near the dock and ramp with folks cheering you on was an awesome feat. Like scoring an NFL touchdown as times running out.
Nick Witkowski
Nick Witkowski Ditë më parë
Y'all are havin too much fun! Rough life Scott! Wish I was there. I think Andrew can dunk volleyball, but not a basketball...just guessin that he can't palm a regulation size ball. I was like that in high school. I had a good vertical leap for being only 5'8" at the time, but no one cares 'bout that anyway. Hilary will not be only fishin the Bassmasters, she should get into MMA and fight in the UFC. BTW, who do ya think is gonna win this weekend at UFC 254? Khabib or Gaethje? I want Gaethje. Anyhow, good to see Brandon in the mix too! What's up B? Congrats on your success Scott! Keep grindin'. Hope ALL Y'ALL kick butt at Neely Henry!!👊
Mike Wice
Mike Wice Ditë më parë
Omg Brandon and Billy, its great seeing the old gang hanging out!
Jeff Fournier
Jeff Fournier Ditë më parë
She's a fish catching machine also.
dylan fournet
dylan fournet Ditë më parë
who else cringed @2:31 ?
bill5074 Ditë më parë
These videos before the tournament with all the other pros are great!!!!!!!!!
Gator Flea
Gator Flea Ditë më parë
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Ditë më parë
Where has brandon been
Bryan Dorsett
Bryan Dorsett Ditë më parë
Your at my exit.The shoney's inn. There is great largemouth, if you are with the right person! Most do not know.
Ken Piere
Ken Piere Ditë më parë
Good luck Scott. Neely Henry been on the decline. Could be tough.
addison5101 Ditë më parë
Might want to consider upgrading your insurance package because of McCoys luck lately lol
Breonna Oliphant
Breonna Oliphant Ditë më parë
Hey guys! Love the music! Where do you get your music from?
Bob yokley
Bob yokley Ditë më parë
One of your best videos. Enjoyed all the fun around the campsite
Jordan Carlie
Jordan Carlie Ditë më parë
The scary part is I choked on my food watching this literally 2 seconds before him😭
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Steven Fadrowski
Steven Fadrowski Ditë më parë
As a driver it’s good get it out watter. Just shows poor law enforcement does. I seen few body’s it’s soothing you don’t want too see.its good too possible cold case
J R L Ditë më parë
D.C. is a bad a.. fisherman!!
J R L Ditë më parë
Clanton! Go McCoy!!
James Payne
James Payne Ditë më parë
If you take a good look at the drone controller, the stick on the left increases the altitude by pushing up.
Jerred Wayne
Jerred Wayne Ditë më parë
DANG YALL!!! We got all the favorite people in this video
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas Ditë më parë
I was thinking about ticks and chiggers for poor ol' McCoy.........wasn't even thinking about a venomous snake....Yikes! Lucky guy!!
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas Ditë më parë
Good Luck, Scottie! Head down, focus up! Keep those points rolling. Big picture!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Thanks Steven!
Travis Craver
Travis Craver Ditë më parë
Matchbox need to make y'all boats and trucks for ppl to buy and save.
Travis Craver
Travis Craver Ditë më parë
@Scott Martin you know people scott hook it up. Good luck this weekend. I saw where u going to be at doswell Virgina next year. Trying to go sit in one of your seminars.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
That would be super cool
Big Moe Medina
Big Moe Medina Ditë më parë
He Can't Dunk Cause White Men Can't Jump!!!! LOL!!! Funny awesome Video!!!
EliteGB Ditë më parë
Awesome my friend!! Enjoyed it 💪💪
Darrell Savoy
Darrell Savoy Ditë më parë
Y'all need me cooking. Turn them thiiin pork chops into rice and gravy
Foggy Bottom BBQ
Foggy Bottom BBQ Ditë më parë
Good times in the campground. Good luck to all of you. If you want to send McCoy/Jacob to grab a brisket I can walk him thru a good, easy process on the Traeger and have it ready for the evening.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Dang that sounds good
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Dang that sounds good!!
Matt Tuesday
Matt Tuesday Ditë më parë
SPINNER WORM!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jim Browning
Jim Browning Ditë më parë
Hey Scott. I work at Coosa Landing in Gadsden and hope to meet you and Hillary. Good luck this week!!
Jim Browning
Jim Browning Ditë më parë
@Scott Martin I’ll be working at the tourney. Hope to get a chance to meet you.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Thanks Jim, come by for the tournament!
Flint Hills Kid
Flint Hills Kid Ditë më parë
Scott Davis
Scott Davis Ditë më parë
I always enjoy these videos. You guys have so much fun. Good luck on the tournament.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Thanks Scott!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Ditë më parë
lol can't wait!
big dad ace
big dad ace Ditë më parë
It's like Bass fishings version of the Rat Pac.
J Tee
J Tee Ditë më parë
At least he curbed the tire & not the rim.
J Tee
J Tee Ditë më parë
Yo! SpinnerWorm!! What's up Dude!
Scott I was wondering where can I get the bass mirror lure u got on your dash mirror
Ken Mccarthy Fishing
Ken Mccarthy Fishing Ditë më parë
🔥🔥You guys do have a lot of fun and welcome back Brandon 👏👏
justin time
justin time Ditë më parë
Man you boys gave got it. I'm a little jealous. I love to fish but I got no boat, no truck and I barely fish with my wife and daughter. You guys are blessed.
Bassfisher78 !!
Bassfisher78 !! Ditë më parë
Great campsite, it's Christmas time they light up the whole campground.. Y'all need to eat at Top of the River great place to eat .Sea food and catfish
Bassfisher78 !!
Bassfisher78 !! Ditë më parë
Great video Scott 👍 Good luck this week!! You going to get your co angler to do yoga before blast off LOL LOL I'm ready for some Coosa River spots !!! It's setting up to be lights out if weather holds off.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Ya I might have to do that. 😂😂. Thanks man
justin walsh
justin walsh Ditë më parë
Man watching this video, great job Scott!!! This my fourth comment, classic!!! Billy, Co angler gets some respect, I told you there was gonna be some changes!!!! Hahahaha Love billy!!!!
Micheal Thomas
Micheal Thomas Ditë më parë
Your videos are the best out there
justin walsh
justin walsh Ditë më parë
Hahaha DC I done caught five off the bank, I caught Two!! Hahahah!!!!!
justin walsh
justin walsh Ditë më parë
justin walsh
justin walsh Ditë më parë
Man honestly! Good to see yah brandyn!!!
DG Mills
DG Mills Ditë më parë
I hope everyone has a great day on the water! Best wishes for some big Spots! 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Ditë më parë
Rowdy Broomstick
Rowdy Broomstick Ditë më parë
So what did you think about the Skeeter ZXR 20 ? You liked it!
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells Ditë më parë
She walked into it lmao Andrew you win the internet today!
59BigWalt Ditë më parë
Go get em Hill!
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells Ditë më parë
Jake at the rate Hillary's going I think we will all be working for her.
Jon Acree
Jon Acree Ditë më parë
Pretty sure no mtn dews were harmed in the making of this video. Michelob Ultras now that's a another story.